The Benefits and Impact of Social Media Advertising

The continued growth of social networks across the world in the past decade has paved the way for huge marketing potential to advertisers. Facebook now estimated to have approximately 1.23 billion users worldwide with the micro-blogging site Twitter having approximately 500 million accounts and LinkedIn has around 259 million members. Opportunity and Expansion The social […]

Cyber Attacks – Part Two

Friday 19th December FBI publically confirms that the government of North Korea was in fact responsible for the Sony hacks and ensuing threats to moviegoers. The Bureau said: “North Korea’s actions were intended to inflict significant harm on a U.S. business and suppress the right of American citizens to express themselves.” President Obama’s first question […]

Cyber Attacks – Part One

Cyber Attacks: Sony & The United States vs. North Korea The recent epidemic that broke out in such extreme fashion towards the end of last year (no, not Ebola) but ‘cyber hacking’ is causing colossal problems for rivaling nations such as the United States and North Korea. As tensions reach fever pitch, many people are […]

The Rise of Cloud Computing and SaaS (Software as a Service)

The concept of cloud computing is very popular in the present day with millions of people every day storing and accessing data programmes over the internet. Applications such as Google drive, Microsoft’s one drive and Dropbox have become very commonplace. With SaaS (Software as a Service) this describes any cloud service where consumers can access software applications over the internet. The most current example of a company which has thrived in this space is Marc Benioff’s platform.

Ensure Facebook is doing the most for your business!

Facebook is a great B2C tool for businesses to use and its importance is often underestimated. Facebook is a social media tool which most people don’t know how to maximise. From sharing relevant content that is industry specific to giving customers an insight into what you offer whether that be a service or a product, it has to be executed in the correct way. I am going to look at three integral components required to make Facebook work for your business, your plan, your content and ensuring you measure your progress.

The Uncertainty with Bitcoin

At its highest, Bitcoin was trading at $1,242 per bitcoin. However, it now currently only sits at about half this at $620 today. Evidently, Bitcoin has been through a tough time in the last year, going through peaks and troughs, whilst getting its fair share of scrutiny from the press.

Snapchat Jobs

In November 2013 Evan Spiegel announced that 400 million Snapchat’s were sent every day in 2013, this coupled with the company’s 30 million active users presents a huge user base, and one that is sure to have grown even larger today.So this morning I was reading an article which has popped up in a number of different sources recently – the article explains of a bar in Ireland taking job applications through Snapchat and are using the app as a first contact point for potential bar staff.

Citymapper: London’s best travel App?

After using various travel apps in London, Citymapper has been a clear stand out performer. I have been an avid Citymapper user ever since I made the life changing move to the iPhone a couple months ago. I must say, being new to London, Citymapper has been my ‘go to app’ when trying to navigate my way around – the only problem being, when the decidedly ropey iPhone battery decides to call it a day and I’m left to my own devices, Citymapper’s no longer there to bail me out! The app has impressed me in many ways with its smooth functionality and detailed thought through travel instructions combining to create a top-class user experience that can be enjoyed on the all-conquering iPhone devices.

MyCloudTag App Launches on the App Store

MyCloudTag (CloudTag Active Ltd.) listed on the junior London stock exchange (CTAG:AIM) released their much anticipated fitness training app last week on the app store which is FREE.

Google loses right to be forgotten case

The European courts have ruled that an individual could demand information deemed ‘irrelevant or outdated’ about themselves to be deleted from search results. This was a case which Google never expected to Europe’s top court and has since been dubbed the right to be forgotten case. Most people have been left very surprised by this ruling, no doubt Google will have their lawyers trying to find a way to wriggle out of this one. This is a great example of one of the world’s largest companies with a market value of over $300 billion not getting there way. Money can’t buy you everything hey?