Fired from the company you founded?!

In any business there comes a time where investment is required, whereby portions of equity have to be exchanged for cash investments. As a result, founders of companies instantly become more accountable to those who have invested. Pressure and expectations rise as targets have to be met and a failure to meet these, or disagreements as to the direction that should be taken, can prove detrimental to the founders of companies.

Hailo to pull out of North America

Hailo to pull out of North America to focus on Europe & Asian markets About two years ago on the 17th October 2012 Hailo made the decision to launch in Boston and attempt to disrupt the American taxi app market. Business was thriving in London and with a fresh $30 million investment from New York’s […]

Reddit Raises $50 million

Reddit, has raised 50 million (USD), with help from some famous names, in Series B on a $500 million valuation with intentions to give back 10 percent equity to the Reddit community.

MyCloudtag App Update

MyCloudtag was the brain child of Polar Explorer and Entrepreneur Andrew Regan. He assembled a team together compromising of Imperial College London Technology, Health & Fitness Superstar Matt Roberts and the Development company Preciousbluedot (the masterminds behind Donkey Kong, Perfect Dark, Halo and Golden Eye!)

Alfred Club App: $50,000 TechCrunch Success

The main prize which 26 budding startups where battling to claim was the Disrupt Cup. This is where 26 startups got to pitch their idea in the aim to claim the lucrative prize of $50,000 cash. It was won by the Alfred Club App.

Facebook Buys Oculus: Is Mark Zuckerberg Planning a Virtual World with Oculus?

As you may have seen in the news in the past few days Mr Zuckerberg has once again drawn the large Facebook wallet from his pocket. “Facebook Buys Oculus” was all over the news this week; making it the latest acquisition of Facebook’s. The Oculus is deal is worth approximately $2 billion; made up of $400 million in cash and then a further $1.6 billion in Facebook common stock shares.