Spritz App – it makes you read!

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Spritz App that could speed up your reading by 80%!!!

So I heard this new technology Spritz app could help me read a FULL book in 90 minutes?! To me this sounded like madness. I have checked it all out and I’m already a big fan.

The Boston based start-up provides a technology that allows the brain to focus on a stream of words that enables the reader to both increase reading speeds and retain information. Whilst reading the time consumption is due to the slow movement of the human eye, from word to word and line to line. The numbers are around 20% processing content, 80% physically moving your eyes. Cognitive neuroscientist Stanislas Dehaene writes in his book ‘Reading in the Brain’. “The structure of our visual sensors forces us to scan the page by jerking our eyes around every two or three tenths of a second.” So you do the math, take away the 80% time of moving your eyes results it huge time saving!

spritz speed reading

Spritz App are looking to bring efficiency to reading which in my opinion I think is much needed. The opportunities for Spritz are quite exciting. Knowledge is largely gained from reading, notably in education. The effect this could have on education could be very influential. When studying everyone’s had that chapter they have to read that looks unbearably dull and is a battle, so Spritz surely wouldn’t be a bad option to get through it?

With Spritz solving the problems associated with time element in reading this would surely make reading a lot more attractive to the 46% of 16 to 24 year olds who don’t read for pleasure. (Taking Part 2011/12 Adult and Child Report, Department for Culture Media and Sport, 2012)

The technology is first being introduced through Samsung. They announced that Spritz will be implemented in an email application for the new Samsung Gear 2 (The wrist phone device) and the Galaxy 5S. Getting in front of so many users will be of huge advantage to Spritz, but taking the app further to market will be a challenge. Ensuring they hire the best people who will go that extra mile for the company to make sure it strives forward commercially. As I’ve heard many times, the quote from Thomas Edison ‘Innovation is 1% inspiration 99% perspiration’.