The Benefits and Impact of Social Media Advertising

The continued growth of social networks across the world in the past decade has paved the way for huge marketing potential to advertisers. Facebook now estimated to have approximately 1.23 billion users worldwide with the micro-blogging site Twitter having approximately 500 million accounts and LinkedIn has around 259 million members. Opportunity and Expansion The social […]

Ensure Facebook is doing the most for your business!

Facebook is a great B2C tool for businesses to use and its importance is often underestimated. Facebook is a social media tool which most people don’t know how to maximise. From sharing relevant content that is industry specific to giving customers an insight into what you offer whether that be a service or a product, it has to be executed in the correct way. I am going to look at three integral components required to make Facebook work for your business, your plan, your content and ensuring you measure your progress.

Snapchat Jobs

In November 2013 Evan Spiegel announced that 400 million Snapchat’s were sent every day in 2013, this coupled with the company’s 30 million active users presents a huge user base, and one that is sure to have grown even larger today.So this morning I was reading an article which has popped up in a number of different sources recently – the article explains of a bar in Ireland taking job applications through Snapchat and are using the app as a first contact point for potential bar staff.

Facebook announces Q1 Revenues

Results of Facebook’s performance came out earlier this week and it looks very encouraging! The main statistic being discussed is that of Facebook’s revenue which is very impressive at a cool $2.5 billion, a 72% increase on 2013’s 1st quarter revenues of $1.46 billion.

The Technology Effect

Information is now so easily recallable through these neat pieces of tech that our brain now doesn’t need to work anywhere near as hard as people did 20 years ago. Even something as simple as a contact list on your phone has had such an impact. Have you ever tried remembering 50 phone numbers? Most people can’t remember their own!

The Internet Turns 25!

On Wednesday 12th March the internet as we know it celebrated its 25th Birthday! To think ‘the internet’ was started on a single machine in Switzerland is mad, it now connects an estimated 7 billion people all over the world.

Google + is killing it

Google + is a term you hear about more and more every day. As a daily Gmail user I may be very biased towards this, but hey everyone is entitled to an opinion right?