SEO Explained: Understanding the Importance.

Understand the Importance of Good Search Engine Optimisation!

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, may sound like a foreign language to you; maybe you and your website are fresh on the web and people from all angles are telling you “you need SEO!”. With the help of the fantastic video below, we can now explain SEO! Watch the video below or check it out on youtube. Make sure you read BMAS’ key points below when you’r done!

SEO Explained: Some Key Points

Hopefully ‘SEO Explained’ video helped simplify the process for you in your head. SEO may have seemed like an extremely complicated process, but maybe it now all makes, a little more, sense!

SEO Explained

There are some key points to focus on:

1) Choosing relevant ‘Keywords’ that are not too generic; at the start, avoid trying to compete with your industry leaders for webspace!

(e.g. rather than use ‘Cupcakes’ think of using, ‘Berkshire Cupcakes’ or ‘Cupcakes in [insert local town/city]’.

2) Make sure you do not use the same keyword on every page. This can cause Google to confuse which pages are more important and thus not rank any. You want to focus your readers or customers onto the pages that will generate the sales or enquiries.

3) Keep your site updated. Imagine you use your car every day and clean it once a week;that will be a nice healthy car. Now imagine that same car getting used once a month and never being cleaned. It will be a dusty/dirty car with an unhealthy engine! Your site is the same. Blow the cobwebs off it and put a blog up once a week or even a month; it just tells Google “I am still here!!”.

Hopefully this basic help guide is everything you need to understand the first steps of Search Engine Optimisation, SEO. If you have any other questions, make sure you get in touch via our Contact Page!

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