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MyCloudtag App Releases Apple Update to version 1.2.0.


MyCloudtag was the brain child of Polar Explorer and Entrepreneur Andrew Regan. He assembled a team together compromising of Imperial College London Technology, Health & Fitness Superstar Matt Roberts and the Development company Preciousbluedot (the masterminds behind Donkey Kong, Perfect Dark, Halo and Golden Eye!). Before we get started on the details, you can download the app here if you have not already: Download link iPhone or the Andriod Verison.

The new app has had an over-hall of work done to it and is looking very much more in line with the Apple branding people are so familiar with. Layouts and user journey have been improved and BMAS feels this could be a real turning point for the app that was full of potential at version 1, but just lacked some finesse. 1.2.0 is a welcome update and has really set MyCloudtag into the top league for app quality.

MyCloudtag App

The MyCloudtag app has now received over 12,000 downloads on the Apple App store, and we have seen encouraging signs now in the download figures for the Google Play version of the app.

The app has also had a lot of exposure on the social media side, with big names mentioneing the app and crediting it for helping them achieve their fitness goals. See below, the tweet from Jack Whitehall (@jackwhitehall) who posted this to his 2.6 million followers.

Jack Whitehall Mentions MyCloudtag app

Jack Whitehall Mentions MyCloudtag app

The company released the below video, showing the MyCloudtag App in all types of use and we were impressed. After reading into the company some more, we saw that the CEO is located in the US and you can see some of that Silicone Valley flair coming through in the product and the video.

To find out more about MyCloudtag, click here.