MyCloudTag App Launches on the App Store

MyCloudTag Review

MyCloudTag app to shake up the personal training arena?

MyCloudTag (CloudTag Active Ltd.) listed on the junior London stock exchange (CTAG:AIM) released their much anticipated fitness training app last week on the app store which is FREE. The main functionality of the app provides the user with 4 different categories of workouts:

Weight Loss

General Fitness

High Intensity


Within these there is between two and four programmes in each category whereby you get a free workout in each category. To purchase all workouts on the app (about 10 workouts) will cost you £3.99 which to be fair really isn’t bad considering if you got the full works of personal training you’re looking at a minimum of £50 an hour!

MyCloudTag Goals

MyCloudTag Hardware

In parallel MyCloudTag are set to be launching hardware to complement the app with technology that allows you to track your vitals. It will be interesting to see how this product plays out in the marketplace with Nike confirming with CNET last month they would stop making wearable hardware.

Initially the app has received a good reception through reviews and ratings so far with 5 stars and 20 reviews to date.

So let’s take a closer look into the app and a little bit about the background. The app is is based on a freemium model that rewards you stars for completing workouts or alternatively stars can be purchased as mentioned above. The app boasts a smooth user friendly interfaced developed by Precious Blue Dot the same developers that brought Donkey Kong and Golden Eye to our very eyes on the classic Nintendo 64.

Alongside the developers comes a strong industry knowledge through one of Britain’s most respected personal trainers Matt Roberts. His vast experience looks to have ensured that bespoke training programmes have been designed with the aid of premium video content so you are visually guided through your workouts.



MyCloudTag received coverage from Hargreaves and Lansdown last week (14/5/14) where CEO Andy Jackson said “This marks a pivotal moment in the development of CloudTag. We are delighted to be launching the initial product in line with our anticipated timetable and building a significant user base.”