The Internet Turns 25!

The Internet Turns 25

On Wednesday 12th March the internet as we know it celebrated its 25th Birthday! To think ‘the internet’ was started on a single machine in Switzerland is mad, it now connects an estimated 7 billion people all over the world. The vast progression of the internet has presented a world of opportunities and created phenomenal wealth for the few select who have chosen to focus their life on their given internet based ideas. More so to see how far web design has come is truly mind blowing! To give you an idea, take a look these screenshots of Microsoft back in 1994 and then today in 2014.

Microsoft’s Website back in 1994 and Now!

Microsoft website in 1994

Clearly all aspects of web design have excelled much further than anyone back in 1994 can imagine. If I showed you the web page on the left hand side without Microsoft’s 1992 highly advanced branding you would never believe this web page belonged to them.

With the advancing of the internet, the broad range of jobs which this brings with is huge. Not just the jobs through the creation and upkeep of websites but the opportunity to build something great. The opportunities are becoming even riper to pick, now youngsters growing up are more and more technologically capable and are now better placed than ever to ensure the internet continues excelling. The internet has hugely pulled apart many theories of ‘barriers to entry’, making it a lot easier for anyone to succeed in business.

So now I’m going take a look at a few unbelievably old school websites and compare it to their websites today!


Apple Image of website

So here we have Apple back in 1994 and Apple today in 2014. The main difference you can notice is the use of imagery which visually makes the biggest difference.

At & T

At&T Websit in 1994

This is the Atlanta 1996 Games website in comparison to Rio 2016 website. Again this confirms the general trend of the imagery leading web design.

HM Tresury

HM Tresury

This is one of my personal favourites. The UK’s HM Treasury, on the left we have their website back 1996 using state of the art graphics with exquisite icons. Then moving to the present day a cleaner look with again high emphasis placed on the imagery.