Facebook Vs Tencent

Facebook Vs Tencent


The battle is on, Facebook Vs Tencent! So who are Tencent? They own the mobile app WeChat and the online chat service QQ which are very popular in the Far East.

So what’s this got to do with Facebook? This is what….

Tencent recently announced WeChat’s users have tripled in the last year to 236million; couple that with QQ’s 818million users and Tencent can boast a user base of over a 1 billion users. However, don’t get too excited Facebook are still leading this battle with 1.1billion users.

It seems like we have a battle between two giants both growing at a scary pace.

Tencent’s mobile app WeChat has been rebranded from its previous name Weixin to appeal to the international market. The results of the rebranding have been phenomenal. In the months between May and September 2013, Tencent announced that its overseas users had doubled from 50million to 100million.

More so, Tencent aren’t playing around either. They have budgeted $200million for overseas marketing operations. Deploying clever marketing tactics such as targeting the Spanish market with football’s best Lionel Messi and the Indian market with Bollywood actors.

It is clear that Tencent’s presence in the West is going to become more and more prominent. They today have bid $200million for one of the most talked about app’s, Snapchat. This bid is the largest bid to date amongst the China-Silicon Valley deals announced.

Definitely a story worth following and at BMAS will keep you up to date!

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