Snapchat Jobs

In November 2013 Evan Spiegel announced that 400 million Snapchat’s were sent every day in 2013, this coupled with the company’s 30 million active users presents a huge user base, and one that is sure to have grown even larger today.So this morning I was reading an article which has popped up in a number of different sources recently – the article explains of a bar in Ireland taking job applications through Snapchat and are using the app as a first contact point for potential bar staff.

Citymapper: London’s best travel App?

After using various travel apps in London, Citymapper has been a clear stand out performer. I have been an avid Citymapper user ever since I made the life changing move to the iPhone a couple months ago. I must say, being new to London, Citymapper has been my ‘go to app’ when trying to navigate my way around – the only problem being, when the decidedly ropey iPhone battery decides to call it a day and I’m left to my own devices, Citymapper’s no longer there to bail me out! The app has impressed me in many ways with its smooth functionality and detailed thought through travel instructions combining to create a top-class user experience that can be enjoyed on the all-conquering iPhone devices.

The Rise of Uber

So many of you will have heard of the very popular taxi app Uber. They have taken the taxi world by storm in a very short space of time having notable press coverage. CEO and co-founder Kalanick has imposed a very aggressive global expansion strategy which is causing a stir, with presence in 36 countries and 118 cities.

MyCloudTag App Launches on the App Store

MyCloudTag (CloudTag Active Ltd.) listed on the junior London stock exchange (CTAG:AIM) released their much anticipated fitness training app last week on the app store which is FREE.

Spritz App – it makes you read!

So I heard this new technology Spritz app could help me read a FULL book in 90 minutes?! To me this sounded like madness. I have checked it all out and I’m already a big fan.